ISBN for Self Publishers in India

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ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, a unique code that can be assigned to a book.

While an ISBN is not required to publish a book, it is a good idea to get one for your book, specially if you want to sell it through standard book distribution channel. For selling it only through, you do not need to have an ISBN.

ISBNs are allotted to publishers. Books on are usually published by the authors or their relatives individually. Earlier ISBNs were allotted only in blocks. But the good news for self-publishers is that now individual ISBNs can be allotted to the self-publishers too.

What more - Getting an ISBN in India is free. You need to send an application to Raja Rammohan Roy National Agency for ISBN. The following details should be included in the application:

Regular publisher looking for a block of ISBN? Go directly to agency's website for details.
  • Title of Book:
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Self-Published
  • Year of Publication:
  • Place of Publication:
  • Pages:
  • Price:
  • Subject:
  • Language:
  • Paperback or Hardback:
  • Your address for communication

You also need to enclose the following:

  • Photocopy of the cover page
  • Identification Proof
  • A self addressed envelop for return communication

Important Points:

  • Price: It is better if you put your price higher than that on (a mark-up of 40-60%). The reason being that when sold through other channels, the prices would usually have to be high to accommodate the margins for intermediaries.
  • Hardback/Paperback: If a book is published in hardback as well as paperback, two different ISBNs need to be taken for the same. So, be clear about which version you want the ISBN for.

The application should be sent to the following (updated) address:

Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN
Department of Higher Education
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Room No. 13, Jeevan Deep Building,
4th Floor, Parliament Street,
New Delhi - 110001
Phone: +91-11-26172903/26172916

Before you start using ISBN, please check out all the relevant information here.

Please note that we have tried to provide the information as accurately as possible. However, we do not take responsibility of any omissions or mistakes that might have come in. This article is provided for informational purposes only. For any legal issues, please consult a qualified professional.



I am from Greece and here in
i upload for test my pοetry book,
i have an ISBN from my country ISBN office,
i think this it's work in all world, or no?

Is ISBN required for e-book ?

I am filling ISBN registration form for my Hard book and also, I want to sell E-book.

Is ISBN required for E-book ?

नहीं डूबेगी अतीत की आस्‍था हेतु आई एस बी एन नम्‍बर उपलब्‍ध कराने

मेरी बुक नहीं डूबेगी अतीत की आस्‍था हेतु आई एस बी एन नम्‍बर उपलब्‍ध कराने का कष्‍ट करें जि‍ससे पोथी प्रकाशन द्वारा मांगी जा रही जानकारी की पूतिर् कर सकूं

self addressed envelop for return communication

A self addressed envelop for return communication has to be enclosed along with the ISBN application.
Do we need to paste postage-stamps on this return envelope ? Or just writing the self address if fine ?


It is useful for all the research students

Self Addressed envelop for return communication


There is no need for any stamp. Only the postal address or your self address will do.


respected sir,

i am uploading a E-BOOK. The name of book is THE FUNDAMENTAL OF C- LANGUAGE.


Is ISBN necessary for E-Book also?

ISBN is necessary for all

You need ISBN for all forms.

What is bibliographical details about the used ISBN

this is with reference to the item no 17 of ISBN proforma

which says:
16. (a) if yes, what was the assigned ISBN?
17. (b) if yes, have you attached/ submitted the bibliographical details about the used ISBN as per logbook?

My question is:
What is bibliographical details? what is the logbook ? how to submit bibliographical details as per logbook?

any light on the topic will be appreciated.

Broken Link of proforma

I am tyring to save the PDF file thru the provided link

But it leads to page not found... Any idea where can I get it. The one available on the MHRD site is only for publishers and not for authors.


gita main jiwan prebandhan

I had requested for ISBN number more than two months ago. But so far there is no information. How long will it take. I had sent my published and all the desired information. V.n.mittal

gita main jiwan prebandhan

I had requested for ISBN number more than two months ago. But so far there is no information. How long will it take. I had sent my published and all the desired information. V.n.mittal

Time taken to grant ISBN

Right from sending it to the Raja Ram Mohun Roy Agency till the receipt of the assigned ISBN number, how long does it take? People say that they have not got ISBN numbers even after 2-3 months.

Another question is: If one is publishing the two versions of a book, one in English and one in Hindi, then do we require to apply for separate ISBNs for both versions?

It took me about a month to

It took me about a month to get an ISBN in 2010..

Regarding two versions - one in hindi and another in english - you should ofcourse have separate ISBNs.

Time taken

I got the ISBN in about 40 days.


Sir as I am 16, and I want to publish my book of poetry. Sir, is there any age guidelines.

Can i apply for ISBN from

Can i apply for ISBN from China? and How to get Identification Proof ?

Time frame

How early in the process can we apply for an ISBN?

Estimated Time

In addition to the excellent material that you have on this page, it might also be valuable to have the estimated time of getting an ISBN from the agency. It's been more than a month since I applied but got no response from them. Also nobody seems to be picking up the phone! If the authors can have an idea of how long it will take to get an ISBN, then they will be able to plan ahead.

Regarding ISBN

I'm planning to publish one book of poetry through Going through all these details, I've got certain points in my mind -

Whether before publishing it has to be acquired from the said agency or it can be done afterward i.e. after the book is published.
If it can be done after the book being published, then suppose I get it, how this ISBN can be printed on the book?

I shall be glad if my points are clarified.


Gautam Sen

I also have the same query

Request the's team to guide us in this way

ISBN to my Book "How to Avoid Tension and Achieve Peace in Life"

1.The subject book has been alloted ISBN (10 & 13 digits) when it was published by Create Space .Com, a member of Amazon group. This ISBN was arranged by the publisher without any application from me.

2.In India, as mentioned in Pothi.Com needs an application from the Author with Book details.There is no system of On line application. I have to send my application by snail mail( by post).

3.I would like to request Pothi. Com to take proactive initiative to arrange for ISBN for every book published from Pothi.Com

4. This will help the writer to be grateful and obliged to the publisher.


pritis C majumdar

Author of "How to Avoid Tension and Achieve Peace in Life"


The isbn you got from create space is just a number which is a coding system which is relevant only to amazon. An ISBN number can only
be given by the relevant agency in each country.

System in India is different

Each country has its own ISBN agency and hence the systems in different countries are different. In India it is a government agency which issues ISBN and has no say in the working there. So, it is not that needs an application through snail mail, but the agency.

Further only a publisher can taken an ISBN. Since author is the publisher of the books published through, we can not taken an ISBN on the author's behalf. They need to sign and send their applications.


Fees for ISBN

I am writing from Pune, India. Please advise what are the fees and time frame for getting ISBN number in India.