About Us


Abhaya Agarwal
Abhaya Agarwal Co-founder

Abhaya is the co-founder and the resident geek at Pothi.com. He prefers short and elegant over long and comprehensive. He is a champion of computer literacy. Before starting Pothi.com, he spent few years of his life teaching computers how to read and how to translate. He holds a Masters in Language Technologies from Carnegie Mellon University and a B. Tech. in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur.

Jaya Jha
Jaya Jha Co-founder/Advisor

Jaya is the co-founder of Pothi.com. No longer involved in day to day running on the company, she continues to play an advisory role. She is also an author and speaker, having 3 poetry collections and 1 novel to her credit. She holds an MBA in Marketing & Strategy from IIM Lucknow and a B. Tech. in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur.

Anushka S Chalakal
Anushka S Chalakal Publishing Advisor

At Pothi.com, Anushka helps authors navigate the self-publishing landscape, also dipping her toes into operations from time to time. She is a writer, blogger, and literary enthusiast. In her spare time, she critiques things, and serves as a couch for her cats.

Darshan N M Operations & Facilities

Darshan makes sure that things run smoothly at Pothi.com. Apart from managing the logistics and marketplace listings, he also keeps the food stores well stocked and the plants, watered. He enjoys watching sports channels and YouTube videos.

Neelima Vinod
Neelima Vinod Content Manager and Editor

At Pothi.com, Neelima utilizes her punctuation obsession to good effect. She enjoys scouring manuscripts and creating blog content that book lovers will enjoy. This university topper in English Literature lives and breathes books. She has two published books to her credit. She has also contributed literary articles, interviews, book reviews and poems to several publications. Before joining Pothi.com she has taught English at graduate level and has been an editor with Macmilan India Ltd.

Pratibha Rajasekar
Pratibha Rajasekar Publishing Advisor

Pratibha handles day-to-day operations at Pothi.com. She loves good content in any form that it may present itself. When not in front of a backlit device, you can find her eating and drinking her way through Bangalore. She is a proud Cat-aunt.

Tanya Ranjan Software Engineer

A hacker and a painter, Tanya works on building and running the online platform at Pothi.com. She turned a Pythonista after many years of C-sharping and is always up for tinkering with new technologies. She's passionate about art and loves painting. When not painting, you can find her singing or binge-watching shows on Netflix.