Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing At Pothi.Com (Print)

Yes. If you book is not in distribution, you can do it yourself. Log in to your account, click on your username on the top right corner, then click on "Dashboard" to go to your Author Dashboard. From there go to "My Print Books (POD)" and click on "Update Metadata" for the book you want to delist. Under "Who should see this book", select "Only me". Once you save the book, your book is no longer available for public.

If your book is in distribution, please write to us at with the SKU number of the book you want to delist. The process of removal from partner sites is manual and may need upto a couple of weeks. If any distribution partners have purchased the copies, they will continue to list those until sodl out. We will not supply any fresh copies to them after removal. reserves the right to fulfill any orders of the book pending at the time of removal.