स्वस्तिकामृत -  SWASTIKAMRUT

स्वस्तिकामृत - SWASTIKAMRUT

स्वस्तिक तेरी महिमां

by हेमंतकुमार गजानन पाध्या., 'स्वस्तिकानंद' (write a review)
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Genre: Poetry
Language: Hindi
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Price: Rs.249.00 + shipping

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Description of "स्वस्तिकामृत - SWASTIKAMRUT"

The author of ‘Swastikamrut’ has written these excellent divine poems in Hindi on the subject of Swastika. This glorifying publication may be the first and foremost book of poems ever written on Swastika in Indian languages and in English. The author has continued his efforts to educate people not to hate but love, respect revere and worship Swastika, the symbol of good fortune and wellbeing, for the benediction and blessings. Although Swastika is very Sacred Symbol for Arya or Hindu people, Many educated Hindus influenced by western culture and education have shying away from this glorious universal Symbol for the reason of political correctness. The author has tried to convey a message that Our Sacred Swastika had nothing to do with Hitler and Nazi ideology and Sacred Swastika was, swastika is and swastika will remain as the symbol of good fortune, wellbeing, humanity, love, life, light and divinity as long as the earth lasts. He has made the first effort to induce faith, devotion, dedication and conviction among Hindu, Sikh, Baudh, Jain, Zoroastrian, Shinto, Bonpo, Falun Dafa, Confucius and all other religious sects who love and revere Swastika, through his poems. He has sent the message to the lovers of Swastika that they stand firm and work together to promote and propagate Swastika with pride and to educate ignorant and rigid people of west in the glorious history and real meaning and significance of a wonderful symbol of Swastika.

About the author(s)

Mr Hemantkumar Gajanan Padhya was born at Khattalwada near Sanjan, in the district of Valsad, Gujarat state, in the former district of Thane Mumbai Rajya. He graduated from South Gujarat University and had his further education at Haffkine Institute, Parel, Mumbai. He came to England for further study in 1976. Since his arrival in England, he has devoted his time and efforts to promote Indian art, culture and religion in United Kingdom and he has been instrumental to establishing several organisations including Hindu Swatantryavir Smruti Sansthanam (UK) and he has been actively been involved with several other organisations. He played vital role in the process of bringing the ashes of a great Indian Freedom Fighter Revolutionary Pandit Shyamaji Kriashnavarma from Geneva IN 2003 and reviving the memory of Pandit Shyamaji in United Kingdom where he lived and studied. He recently published ‘Photographic Reminiscence of Pandit Shyamaji Krishnavarma.
Mr Padhya is a poet of instinct and he has published his own poetry, titled “Dard”, as well as, a CD compilation of patriotic songs, ‘Jay Hindutvam’ of which he wrote the lyrics. His earlier works include books titled: ‘Satyanarayan Katha’, ‘Hindu Dharma’ a short biography of Swami Vivekanand. He has also written several articles in Gujarati and English for many publications, including the article ‘Hands of our Sacred Swastika’ which was received very well all over the world when European Parliament headed by Germany tried to impose ban on the display of Swastika Symbol in Europe. He has been He has been advocating and promoting Pro-Swastika movement and he has been in contact with many Pro- Swastika organisations in the world. ‘Swastikamrut’ is his latest contribution in his crusade to promote, propagate and educate people About Sacred Swastika in positive, divine, glorifying and honourable manner through the medium of poems dedicated exclusively to The oldest and Universal Symbol of Swastika whom majority people of the world respects, revered and worship.

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