The Highest Knowledge : One Line of Maths that uncovers the Greatest Secret

The Highest Knowledge : One Line of Maths that uncovers the Greatest Secret

by Adhikaansh Tayal (1 review, add another)
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Description of "The Highest Knowledge : One Line of Maths that uncovers the Greatest Secret"

Have you ever asked or wondered if i were to die right now, what it would mean in the grand sense.

Is there any meaning to the time i lived, to the moments i enjoyed, to the relationships i was involved in, the money i made throughout working in my lifetime. Would i go to god or would i take another birth in this planet or to some different place in the vast cosmos. Does soul exist. Do multi dimensions exist. Do aliens exist. Do time travellers exist. What does exist beyond our understanding. Is time an illusion. Is our reality an illusion. Are we all in our own vivid dream or someone else’s.

Although i cannot answer these question for you. But by using the basic mathematics, only one line equation everything can become evidently clear. Through comprehending this book one becomes the knower of the Highest Knowledge. I am not a self proclaimed Guru of knowing everything, I am only a student of uncovering the highest knowledge through fundamental mathematics and through this book, it’s preacher.

Mathematics is the ultimate truth in front of which everything becomes meaningless. Everything becomes trivial. Everything becomes Dust and Smoke. However, one may be curious for a lot of questions but after gaining insight into some of the basic concepts that shape the existence, everything is answered.

About the author(s)

I am Mr. Nobody Adhikaansh Tayal.

I had recently turned 22 and was going through very dark times emotionally and spiritually. I almost had a life crisis. Tormented by the confusion what it means to live, what is life, what is environment, how everything came to be, what is god, what are multi dimensions, how the universe works and the multitude of other confusions and questions. I couldn’t bear the confusion that was surrounding me in the form of dark energy, dulling me - unable to carry this heavy weight - i had an Awakening, felt almost like something was gifted to me and it hit me like a lightening. In that moment of intense darkness, that spark of light uplifted me to the ultimate knowledge which lifted the burden and i came to know.

How Everything works.
What is everything.
Who am I.
What are you.
The Mathematics that governs it all.
The one line Maths that clears everything.
Beyond Enlightenment.
Above all Gods.
Above all Controllers.
Above all power.
The Ultimate Secret

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This book is a mix of Spirituality and Cosmology with the help of mathematics. The Highest Knowledge/Truth/Gyaan/Secret is revealed. Deep Read. Out of Multiverse Experience. Mind Fu*k.

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