The man who killed everyone

The man who killed everyone

by AJIT SINGH (write a review)
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Genre: Drama/Play, Literature & Fiction
Language: English
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Description of "The man who killed everyone"

It is a book on management, i.e. management of people, behaviours and feelings. It has an element of philosophy too. The main character Graham Stewart alias Jeff has negative shades. He is such a bad guy that you will hate him throughout the story. His every success increases our hatred towards him. He is like a meteor or shooting star. He burnt bright as he flamed across the sky called business world, then suddenly gets lost in quiet darkness leaving many questions unanswered.
In a race called life, people become so busy in running that they forget to live and keep relationships. If the intensity of thirst in life is very much, then person forgets the difference between right and wrong. He tries to get everything, whether by hook or crook, whether it is found at the cost of relationships. In this blind race many relationship break. Once these relationships break, then they do not mend again. Those evil deeds that he has done during this race, do chase him till the last breath. In this life, whatever you have given to others, it gets back to you.
Human being’s life keeps on changing. It is constrained by the many limitations of various kinds. These limitations may be called check or control in the hand’s of god. A runner can’t just run continuously. He also gets tired and sits to rest and one day retires. There are two types of retirement in sports. One, by accepting oneself that now it is too much, my body is not allowing me to carry on further. Second, is forced retirement in which you are forced to retire when you miss a selection permanently. The first one is graceful retirement and it should be done. The gist is that “we should know how to quit.”

About the author(s)

Ajit Singh is a famous author of English and Hindi language. He is famous for fiction work -It was a cheerful life and poetry book -Analia.
He ha 14 works in Hindi language including famous fiction work- Ruke ruke se kadam.

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5 inch x 8 inch
Interior Pages: Black & White
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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