Black & White India

Black & White India

India’s amazing Black & White more than 100 years old rare & real Photographs

by Anurag Mathur (write a review)
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Description of "Black & White India"

About Book: - Here by this Book we would like to show you the Amazing Rare & Real Heritage Photographs of India to put an Idea about Indian people thoughts regarding Indian Culture, Day to Day activities and most important aspect related to Indian Culture before & after Indian Independence from British rule. Aim behind this book is to show all that how was India before & after 100 years back? For general awareness to protect our valuable & priceless Photographic Heritage of India, worth to preserve National Importance Photographs & related documents. By not destroying and not writing anything on old rare Photographs, wherever they are kept and preserve, However Photographic Heritage Conservation is conducted by National Archives, many Libraries, Museums and ASI (Archaeological Survey of India - A Central Government Body - founded in 1861 & effectively starts working from 1870) who is responsible for Conservation, Restoration, Preservation & Reconstruction, but this is our Prime duty & help to protect our priceless Photographic Heritage for our New coming Generations for several years.

In this modern era we are now able to see real World by the invention of World first Camera. Before invention of Camera the medium to see the real World, there was handmade Paintings & Painting Portrait, Scenery. Before invention of Camera we were able to see somehow similar real person face, Natural scene by handmade Paintings & Painting Portrait, Scenery etc.
We are also now able to show new generation through this book more than 100 years old well preserved Black & White photographs taken from Box type Camera of black cloth & other updated Cameras. System of taking snap was lengthy & time taking process with the help of other persons. Photographer covers himself by black cloth of Box Camera when he starts taking snap shot standing in front of the object. Clear night photograph taking process was much difficult due to night darkness in comparison to day. To eliminate darkness there was perfect timing of snap shot by using fireworks, oil lanterns and wooden fire etc. before invention of electric bulb & electricity for Camera flash.

About the author(s)

About Author: -Author believes in all Religions & Humanity. Author’s birth place is Agra. Author is follower of “Radhasoami Faith (Mat– Cult, Sect) and Radhasoami Satsangiof Agra” & lived 30 years in Holy Radhsoami Samadh (Temple Premises) since birth, (Holy Places of Radhasoami at Agra are – Swami Bagh, Dayal Bagh, Panni Gali, and Pipal Mandi etc).

Anurag Mathur (B.Sc., M.A. - History, Ph.D Level Research, P.G. Dip. in Hotel & Tourism Management Advance Course in Tourism from IITTM – Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management- Ministry of Tourism Govt. of India, New Delhi & WTO (World Tourism Organisation-Geneva). Represented India on Tourism in “International Tourism Summit” at New Delhi in 1990. PGDBIM (MBA-Delhi). Ex.Lecturer of History, Hotel & Tourism Management Deptt. at Agra University. Agra& also Numismatist (Coins Collector), Philatelist, Antiques, Rare Photographs & Paintings Collector etc, Lucknow. U.P. India.

(Father of Author Anurag Mathur, Late. Shri. O.N. Mathur, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Govt. of India -Posted at Taj Mahal & other Historical Monuments at Agra-Year 1975 - 89. Author Anurag Mathur’s forefather was posted at Royal Imperial Court of Emperor Shah Jahan as Finance Minister (Treasury Incharge –Shaahi Khazana) as per Author’s Family Tree Records & generations Chronology & rest all ancestors were educated from Kayastha family and served in Royal Mughal Court after one by one.

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