Aakashcharini (The Flying Yogini)

Aakashcharini (The Flying Yogini)

Satya Ghatnaon Par Aadharit Yog-Tantrik Katha-Prasang

by Arun Kumar Sharma, Manoj Kumar Sharma, Neeru Singh, Chandra Shekhar Kumar (write a review)
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Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Language: Hindi
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Description of "Aakashcharini (The Flying Yogini)"

The present collection of true stories under Aakashcharini (The Flying Yogini): Satya Ghatnaon Par Aadharit Yog-Tantrik Katha-Prasang (Collection of Tantric Yoga Stories Based on True Events) entails seventeen stories. These unique and sensational stories are choke full of mysteries and adventures. Although these were incredible but do not exaggerate them. Written in an autobiographical tone, the author has demonstrated a unique lucid style and thorough command over the language.

An Excerpt from this book: https: //goo.gl/G6KS2n

We hope that the present collection of stories will be equally pleasing and engaging to the readers.

The present edition is published by Ancient Kriya Yoga Mission (A Divine Enterprise Empowered by The Third Eye)(A Monastery of Realized Sages). In the process, advanced computer systems (LaTeX, XeLaTeX, TikZ, gimp, C++) have been utilized to its fullest extent.

A profound sage and householder mystic of Ancient Kriya Yoga Mission has regained the Khechari Siddha Aakashgamini Vidya' (The Art and Science of Flying with Mastering Khechari) with his intense devotion to Yoga and arduous practice of esoteric Pranayama (The Art and Science of Breathing), the detailed description of the same will be available in future to the Sadhak (Practioner of Pranayama) in a form of a esoteric treatise (Granth). Khechari Vidya' is progenitor to innumerable miraculous spiritual powers, among which the art and science of flying is one such Vidya. Sadhaka (Practitioner of Yoga) should be aware of the fact that there are many paths for regaining and mastering Aakashgamini Vidya' (the art and science of flying), for instance, Shaktipaat' (transfer of divine energy with the grace of the Guru), Lambnirodhni Yoga, Drink Air Therapy, Austere Mysterious Sadhna of Kali (Divine Energy) etc. In a similar way, the Khechari Vidya' begets other divine spiritual powers worth mastering, for instance, Mrityunjayi' (Conquering Death), Animeshi' (Unwinking State), Gudaakeshi' (Conquering Sleep) etc.

Aakashgamita (Flying) is a very special state of adepts, the detailed description and multi-dimensional aspect of which is described in detail in the epic Unlocking Aakashgamini Vidya: The Art and Science of Flying: Khechari Adepts.

Ancient Kriya Yoga Mission is committed to demonstrate the simple and transparent techniques of ancient science of living.

This body is just an instrument of meditation and the individual is nothing, the individual have nothing.

This book is dedicated to all Sadhakas.

About the author(s)

Chandra Shekhar Kumar is a direct disciple of Lord Maharishi Hiranyagarbha.

He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ancient Kriya Yoga Mission.

He is the CTO and Co-Founder of Ancient Science Publishers.

He holds a degree of Integrated M.Sc.(5 yrs) in Physics from IIT Kanpur.

Lahiri Mahasaya is a direct disciple of Mahavatar Babaji who is a direct disciple of Lord Maharishi Hiranyagarbha.

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Ancient Kriya Yoga Mission
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Interior Pages: Black & White
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