पियदसि राञा हेवं आहा ...

पियदसि राञा हेवं आहा ...

Piyadassi Ranya Hevam Aha

by Ashok Tapase (write a review)
Type: Print Book
Genre: History, Religion & Spirituality
Language: Marathi
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Price: Rs.225.00 + shipping

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Description of "पियदसि राञा हेवं आहा ..."

The book is Transcription of Emperor Ashoka's Rock & Pillar Edicts from Original Bramhi into Devnagri and Translation of the same from Prakrut to Marathi. The book also includes Biography of Emperor Ashoka as told by Historians & Portrayal of Emperor Ashoka as seen from the Edicts. It contains geographical locations of places of Ashokan Edicts shown on Map as well as described in texts.

The Book can be used to study and understand "Bramhi" script and versions of Prakrut in all over India.

About the author(s)

Author is freelance learner of Pali Language, Bramhi script, Buddhist Literature in Pali.

Author has published an eBook named "मुक्तिपथ" which is translation of Dhammapada, the sacred book of Buddhism, from Pali into Marathi.

Dhammapada is one of the Books from Khuddakanikaya which is the part of Suttapitaka, the second Pitaka of Tipitaka.

This eBook is available on Pothi.com for free reading.

Book Details
Puris-damma Prakashan
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Interior Pages: Black & White
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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