A Dedication at the Lotus feet of Muruga

by Balasubramani N (write a review)
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Language: Tamil
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Description of "Shadhashivamadhoshakthi"

Shadhashivamadhoshakthi reveals Lord Murugan’s Dhyanam related and other mentions made by Bala Deva Rayar of Kandhar Shashti Kavacham parayanam: i.e,

AARUMUGAM: On the whole duties of Shivam, Shadhashivam, Maheshwaran, Uruththiran, Vishnu & Brahman is Aarumugam.

ATHOMUGAM: A Triangle (downward form - ATHOMUGAM) is Parashakti. Adjacent sub-triangles if formed altogether with the Triangle makes a Square (Shathush Konam). Three triangles Viz., Ichchaa (ST-SriValli), Ignana (T-Shanmugam), Kriya (ST-Sri Deyvanai ) Shakthis. Likewise, three Squares (Three Shathush Konams) for each Shakthi makes Athomugam i.e. Ignanashakthidharan – Murugan – VEL Shakthi Ganas called VELAYUDHAM.

KANDHASHASHTI KAVACHAM: Bala Deva Rayar provides all his insticts in the Kavacham for the Muruga Bhakthaas firstly to prepare his indications at several places to form the Dhyana form by the Bhaktaas, mainly two DHYAANAMS –
(1) Sindhai kalangadhu (which is Lord Muruga in Vishvarupa Dharshanam form) and
(2) Oru Naal (Muppaththaaru Uru i.e, attaining Kavacha Thaththuva the Lord Muruga’s Sukshma Dharshanam).

These will cover all Sidhdhis hidden in the Kavacham and will benefit Lord Muruga Bhaktaas in their daily Dhyanam

SHADHASHIVAMADHOSHAKTHI, like the above, gives more. Kavacha explanations …..

About the author(s)

N Balasubramani with the blessings of Shanmuga took an inspiration to write this book for the benefit of all. The blessings of his parents and ancestors, guidance of enlightened souls who were always in search of the truth, true nature of existence.
Author's intension is that everybody has the right and deserve to understand the inner consciousness which exists at all times, the NATURE. Kandha Sashti Kavacham is nothing but fully structurally built-up in Bramha Sutra and Secret clippings like "Nimalar arul Kanda Shashti Kavacham thanai" similar to Sanskrit verse "Prasanna vadhanam dhyayeth"

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