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Description of "I, HUMAN"

Who am I? This question has defied answer since time immemorial! World famous psychologists and scientists have tried to find an answer to this question without success.

In fact, you know me very well. You meet me daily, live with me, work with me, work for me, supervise me, make me work for you; and my mistakes cause disasters, in which you and I perish!

You meet me as a father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, friend, lover, employer, employee… the list is endless. No venture or activity can ever be accomplished without me. You need me. You cannot get anything done without me. It is I with whom you want a relationship; who creates the greatest love story or heartbreak; makes any undertaking a success or a failure; is the single largest cost item in any company’s balance sheet; and matters the most in any activity.

Yet, I am least understood and cared! Your inability to understand me leads to most of the organizational and interpersonal problems, even accidents and disasters, in the world today. Disasters, in relationships – between families, friends, colleagues and lovers; in work-place interactions leading to organizational conflicts; in development or implementation of policies, procedures or processes I cannot be relied upon to follow, leading to accidents; these result from your inability to understand me.

I cannot be managed or controlled. I can only be led, motivated, mentored and developed. Love me, or hate me, you cannot live without me! You got me and the sooner you understand me, the better will it be for both of us!

I am a human, and this… is my story.

About the author(s)

Captain Samir (Sam) Kohli is an Aviation Safety expert and an aircraft accident investigator. While dealing with aircraft accidents and other aviation occurrences, he realized that in almost every case it was important to answer a crucial question, 'Why someone did something?' or 'Why someone did not do something?'.

In dealing with such situations, he realized that it was very important for him to properly understand how a human mind functions and how or why people make choices. Only through this understanding was it possible to understand why humans err and how to minimize those errors that lead to disasters.

Thus started his quest to understand the human mind, culminating in this book which presents his several years of research into the human mind and human error.

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