Class Action

Class Action

by Chris James (write a review)
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Description of "Class Action"

A murder case, but the murderer is already behind bars
A new technology, which is ripping society apart
One man, on whom the fate of a continent will rest

In a European courtroom a unique litigation case begins: the first of its kind. The murderer has already been found guilty and sentenced, but the victim’s father believes he lost his daughter because the killer watched a violent film. The proof is in a new, powerful brain scan that in moments can extract all of a person’s memories, thoughts and feelings.

Alek Moreyl is the young, unwitting litigator who has to convince the judges that the film told the murderer to kill the girl. To help him he has an expert in this new technology who will navigate the court through the complexity of the case. However, the defendants also have their own expert intent on disproving the claim.

After tense courtroom hearings and just as the case is about to be resolved, disaster suddenly strikes the city. Thousands are killed, Alek barely escapes with his life, and he finds himself sucked into a frightening world of political intrigue, danger and terrorism.

Soon Alek realises that he is the linchpin connecting the murder case, acts of terrorism and the dangerous political brinksmanship. This case has drawn the intense interest of the world’s most powerful states, who will stop at nothing to ensure that their plans for the future succeed. Across the continent Alek must struggle against impossible odds to understand the truth; to save his family, his country, and himself.

About the author(s)

I’m a writer who wants to tell you stories about the future by extrapolating from the present, because its challenging and fun. I take elements from science fiction and apply them to other genres. In my first novel, published in September 2010 and called “Class Action”, I put sci-fi elements into a court-room drama/political thriller. In my second novel, published in September 2011 and called “The Second Internet Café, Part 1: The Dimension Researcher”, I have attempted to write an entertaining time-travel story by finding an answer to the problem of creating time-paradoxes. I have often been infuriated by stories that allow their characters to create paradoxes when even elementary science says that this could not happen. Finally, I decided to write a proper time-travel novel myself. “The Dimension Researcher” is the first part of a trilogy and, if you like your writers to treat you with intelligence, you should enjoy it. Please feel free to let me know your opinion of my stories. I always appreciate feedback and will make every effort to respond to you.
I’m originally from Hampton Hill near London, but now live in Warsaw, Poland, with my wife and three children.
You can keep up with me on my blog at http://www.chrisjames.eu and follow me on FaceBook and Twitter.

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Chris James
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