Deconstructing Evolution and Understanding Our Purpose

Deconstructing Evolution and Understanding Our Purpose

by Clayton Menezes (write a review)
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Genre: Medicine & Science, Religion & Spirituality
Language: English
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Price: Rs.195.00 + shipping

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Description of "Deconstructing Evolution and Understanding Our Purpose"

"The Universe is so wonderfully complex, that one can only attribute its glory to a supernatural Creator"

This book presents an inquisitive, scientific, and logical approach to understanding the gaps in Evolution, and it presents a clear picture of our purpose in life based on a Creator.

In this book, you will begin to understand why Evolution is not a scientifically sound theory. The author doesn't intend to break the walls and ceilings of the Theory, as venturing that far could be confusing to many. But rather, he exposes the weakness of the very foundations of Evolution. The book also makes you begin to ponder about your purpose in relation to a Creator.

This book is written with careful consideration to its readers. Everything is kept as simple as possible. Come, let’s go on a journey of questioning modern philosophy and redefining reality.

About the author(s)

Clayton Menezes is a Musician and Writer, now turned Author. He currently resides in India. He began his authoring career in 2013 with the release of his first book titled, "Deconstructing Evolution and Understanding Our Purpose."

Clayton's conviction of God is not something that can be hidden. Yet he stays away from all forms of religious discussion; an irony that some don't fully understand. He looks forward to continue authoring books of a variety of genres.

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