Other Side of Land Acquisition

Other Side of Land Acquisition

by Devang (write a review)
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Description of "Other Side of Land Acquisition"

This is a story tries to explore pragmatic and acceptable approach towards land acquisition.

The story set in Thar Desert. Hidden away amongst the western part of Thar Desert was the small village ‘Thar Gadh’ [Thar Gadh village is an imaginary village] where handful of people lived [30 families] a quiet existence. Tucked away from a world of political unrest in 2008 the last thing the villagers expect is a visit from a young Journalist ‘Prahalad’ from New Delhi. Thar Gadh was an unknown tourist place. Prahalad’s decision to narrate the tour in his regular column ‘Prahalad’s Diary’ and linking Thar Gadh’s lack of resources to growing economy made this daily column popular. But a project to help the Thar Gadh villagers by sourcing water brought real fame to Prahalad. The project was to source water from an aquifer beneath Thar Gadh village unfolds unknown political turbulences and become a hurdle to Foreign Direct Investment projects. Prahalad and his team realised that the problem that had appeared before them from nowhere could turn peaceful Thar Gadh village in to troubled village. But simultaneously Prahlad and his mentor professor found this hurdle as an opportunity to set an example to the country. They manage to reach peaceful completion of project and successful land acquisition process with a fact that villagers are benefited at the most. Their approach towards political hindrances set an example to entire nation. Message is conveyed that neither investments nor Land acquisitions are bad but they are good only when managed with mutual efforts. Currently India faces challenges against land acquisition proposals and most of the projects are in troubled water, but this is not the only solution. Let us make these honest villagers become a part of growing Indian economy. Allow land acquisition with keeping villagers growth and benefit in mind. Remember it is the land that is heart and soul of the villages. Before making a proposal of land acquisition, is it not our duty to take responsibility of those who offer their heart and soul to foster the growth of economy?

* According to 37th report by HRD ministry around 80% of population still lives in rural areas
* 73% live in mud houses, forget about sanitation they do not have roof for more than 10 months / year
* According to Global Hunger Index 2008 published by International Food Policy Research Institute [IFPRI] India has largest number of hungry people [200 million] in the world.
* Indian villages need such help from corporate

Remember Land Acquisition is not a bad proposal but it will bring in growth to economy but it is good and beneficial only when the farmers and villagers are benefited.

About the author(s)

Devang is an aspiring writer. He writes on National and International issues.

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