by DHRUVRAJSINH PARMAR (write a review)
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Description of "STREETROCKERS"

There is a growing menace called terrorism raising its hood in our world. Gone are the days of talks and non violence it’s time to fight brick with brick and iron with iron. Training the young minds to indulge in terrorism is the main idea of those devils. So why not use the same strategy against them. In this book you will read how I have presented my idea of erasing terrorism by training young people. We have to reply or else we will be questioned till death by them. When I say we train Youngsters doesn’t mean this book is only for young people to read. It is for everyone and anyone. The language used is suitable for all whether he/she is 8, 18 or 80 years of age.
For all those who enjoy new ideas or like reading but are unable to do so because of high language I encourage them to read my book once. Even those who are regular readers read it for a new idea developed.

About the author(s)

I am Dhruvrajsinh Parmar. I am a resident of Vadodara,Gujarat,India.My birthdate is 15th October 1991. Every teenager has dream to be known by everyone.To stand on his own feet as early in life as possible. I have worked really hard for this book.I want to share my ideas with everyone so I hope all those reading this will help.

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