It isn't always fair

by Divya shree M R (write a review)
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Genre: Coffee Table Book, Mystery & Crime
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Price: Rs.275.00 + shipping

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Description of "IN JUSTICE"

This is an intriguing story involving neuropsychiatric disorder, accidental deaths and murders. Its the tale of two persons who have passion for life, great respect for love and have inbuilt problem solving skills. Sindhu, our protagonist, is standing in front of the mental asylum where her best friend Uma is jailed for criminal offence.
The protagonist, goes back in time, to tell us as to what happened in the recent past in uma's life. How Uma goes through series of tragedies, losing her family in vague accidents. Enigma surrounds the death of family members. Only Uma's daughter is still alive but in coma. Then comes the final blow when Uma is caught by police for a murder, she becomes mentally disturbed following the murder and ends up in asylum after having accepted the crime. Both Uma and Sindhu suffer from a Neuro psychiatric condition. was it responsible for the crime she has committed? There's no way out , as Uma had been caught red handed while murdering her ex boyfriend. Did she really commit the murder? who's going to help her when she has no family? Did Uma's daughter recover and will she reveal any truth? Is there someone behind all these unexpected deaths and Uma being framed?
Sindu on the other hand has been brought up in tragedy stricken family. she loses her twin at an young age and it haunts her and her family is broken. she then meets Uma at her school, with whom she develops deep obsession. she wants uma around her all the time. she could do anything to get her. she's happy to give herself or even take someone's life for Uma. During college times ,they get separated as Uma wants to study at a distant university. How does sindhu handle separation from Uma? will the friendship breakdown?

After having lost her family and best friend, sindhu finds love again in her husband. In no time, her husband who was her soul and spirit dies of oesophageal cancer and again she’s lost. But she has to come back strong for herself and Uma. They have only each other now.sindhu is threatened for life for supporting uma. shanthi who's their classmate and friend is a well known police officer who is also the sole witness in Uma's case. whats shantis stand in the case? whos threatening sindhu? whos wanting to hamper the process of justice? anyway uma is caught red handed, how will sindhu help solve Umas case inspite of all odds?
During the course of trial, when no one agrees to take up the case , sindhu herself puts on the black coat. An attempt is made on her life, she slips into coma, does she recover and will she go on to fight the case? What does future hold for Sindu and uma?
Hope the books entertaining and throws some light on strenghth and weaknessess of life, melodramas and their spiritual discoveries. Happy reading.

About the author(s)

Divya shree is a pediatrician by profession and writer by passion. she believes that one can achieve anthing their heart calls for. Inspite of busy job, kids and family, she finds time in the night and sits with owls and cold wind writing her heart, as she says " The peace in the night pieces words together to make up a warm story" .

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6 inch x 9 inch
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