Understand People  through their  Temperament

Understand People through their Temperament

by Dr Amulya Ratna Sahoo , Dr Samaresh Chandra Mishra (write a review)
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Description of "Understand People through their Temperament"

Struggle is an inevitable part of everybody’s life; we struggle in some way or manner in our daily life. While some of us just try to live a normal life, others aspire for the higher one. However, in every case we need to motivate ourselves to face the difficulties and get their solution. It needs a better adaptation with the surrounding; i.e., dealing and managing people in a better way. In this line, the book ‘Understand People through their Temperament’ is on temperaments which deals with details regarding the ancient Hippocratic temperaments i.e. Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic and Melancholic temperaments, one of the genuine and authentic classifications of human psyche. Going through the comprehensive pictures of these four temperaments, we can employ it to live a better life. This book is useful for every profession, you may be a businessman, teacher, parent, doctor or of another profession you can manage your customers, students, children or patients respectively in an effective manner. In this book we have tried to cover all the aspects of temperaments by analyzing it deeply in different angles and by comparing it with modern physiology, intelligence types, and personality etc which will also help to understand the self and others in a better way. Also at the end part of the book an easy questionnaire to assess one’s temperament has been provided along with practical advice and remedial measures for each temperament.

About the author(s)

Dr Amulya Ratna Sahoo is a homeopathic physician of Indian native who has worked as a medical officer under Govt. of Odisha and presently working as Research Officer in Homoeopathy in CCRH under Govt. of India. Though basically he is a physician his utter interest remains in human psychology and its implementation for betterment of patient and general people.

Dr Samaresh Chandra Mishra also belongs to the Indian native who has started his career as a homoeopathic physician, presently working as a Medical Officer in a rural area of Odisha state. He is serving patients for more than nine years. Also because homoeopathic case study needs psychoanalysis, his clinical practice gave him an immense scope and base to know and understand the behaviors, thoughts and feelings of various groups of people belonging to different age, sex and temperaments.

‘Decoding the Rubrics of Mind’ is another book chiefly based on homoeopathic case study, is the first collaborative effort by the same authors.

Book Details
Dr Amulya Ratna Sahoo and Dr Samaresh Chandra Mishra
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6 inch x 9 inch
Interior Pages: Black & White
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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