The Taxless Economy

The Taxless Economy

Economic Theory of New Society

by Dr. M.G. Bokare (write a review)
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Description of "The Taxless Economy"

We have the experience of ideological war between capitalism and communism. After the collapse of USSR, the warfare is already over. War between known enemies is simple. But warfare between the state and its enlightened citizens is intractable. Tax revolt is the tip of iceberg. Black money flowing into underground economies and tax haven countries is increasing across the world. The claims and counterclaims between between the USA and Swiss bank for repatriating huge black money stored there is well known to all. The pathology is known. It is carcinogenic. It will destabilize the economy. Eliminating taxes is the therapy. If we refuse to mend, we are waiting for the toll of present civilization.
Modern civilization of industrial capitalism in its monopolistic form is bound to collapse. Presently, some signs are visible in the West. An economic architecture developed on false theorem is bound to collapse. This is the lesson of communist countries. If the lesson is valid for monopolistic economies of developed and developing countries, there are alternative courses. Either we helplessly wait the collapse of the industrial civilization or we dismantle the same. The former will bring unexpected catastrophes and unbearable pains. The latter will prepare for change. Choice is of mankind. The Taxless Economy is one of the choices.

About the author(s)

Former Vice-Chancellor of Nagpur University (India). Economist and writer of Hindu-Economics and Reassesment of Marxism. He has proved that Marxist economics is false with the help of accounting and cost accounting for the first time in the world history. He has given an alternative economic theory to the failed Marxism and Capitalism. He is sure that it is an eternal economic system. He is sure that both Marxism and Capitalism cannot solve the problems of mankind. He predicted the collapse of Marxian economics almost two decades ahead of actual collapse.He also predicts the collapse of capitalist economic system very soon. He is damn sure that there are theoretical flaws in both the systems. An economic architecture developed on false theorem is bound to collapse, he says. Present day economic crises in capitalist economies are the illustrations to support his thinking and prediction. .

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Dr. M. G. Bokare Memorial Foundation
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