राजाधिराज - कहाणी एका सम्राटाची (eBook)

राजाधिराज - कहाणी एका सम्राटाची (eBook)

राजाधिराज - कहाणी एका सम्राटाची

by हृषिकेश श्रीकांत तोरो (write a review)
Type: e-book
Genre: History
Language: Marathi
Price: Rs.124.00
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Description of "राजाधिराज - कहाणी एका सम्राटाची (eBook)"

Calling it simply a story of shivaji Maharaj would be an understatement, it's story of his times, story of his mates. This is not merely the story of the Great Shivaji's achievements but also of the sacrifices his mates & their families made. It's the story that throws light on how his mates did take the journey to the paramount sacrifice each in their own unique way...

An interesting story with lots of twists & turns, with Tanaji an angry young man, Baji a mature gentleman, Suryaji a man who grew in the shadow of his elder brother, Shiva a man who keeps his cards close to his chest, Pantaji a cunning fella, afjal khan an arch rival & last but not the least Aurangzeb someone who epitomizes enigma & always likes to talk in riddles...

With encrypted letters, chess games, riddles & nine interesting pieces of lyrics this is a historical story that would make a history.....

About the author(s)

A software engineer by profession, who has managed to somehow nurture his wonder & interest in history even while working in arid IT landscape.
This is his most cherished, dream come true, first big novel portraying an era of 'Shivaji Maharaj the great'.

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