Stories Trainers Tell  (eBook)

Stories Trainers Tell (eBook)

10 Powerful Stories for Trainers

by Ashutosh Sharma (write a review)
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Description of "Stories Trainers Tell (eBook)"

Stories are powerful. Not only do they change individuals, they play an important role in the development of cultures and civilizations too. Stories arouse interest and emotions, motivate for action and change, and provide a conduit for transfer of tacit knowledge and beliefs from generations to generations.
Stories help in change and learning because:

1.Stories are coherent, structured, and easy to relate with
2.They weave a rich imagery that affects the human brain at a deeper level
3.The panoply of emotions that they bring ensures that the learning is firmly anchored in the brain
4.Stories are simple to understand and easy to recall

In this book, I have penned down 10 stories that you, as a trainer, can readily use in your training programs. Each story can be used for sensitizing learners to many different but related topics like empathy, listening, humility, trust etc.

About the author(s)

Ashutosh Sharma is the author of Campus to Corporate - Managing the Transition and Corporate Training Factpack. He's a passionate trainer and has delivered hundreds of training programs on various topics. He loves using stories for helping people learn abstract topics.

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