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Description of "THE BEGINNING OF THE END (eBook)"

The Beginning of The End" is a simple tale of a teenage guy who steps into his college life with a lot of filmy expectations only to find out that he misses his school life and his childhood friends more than anything else. He realizes it’s really hard to blend in with people having a totally different mindset. The story portrays the growing up of the last generation of the last millennium as narrated by the protagonist Hifaz. Structured in a nonlinear manner, it takes the reader back and forth through two stages of Hifaz's life- switching between the nostalgic, romantic past and the monotonous present. He feels that the guys at college are totally untrustworthy and the girls are too selfish. In general, he finds the real world a dark hole filled with hypocrites. When the story talks about the present, we find his love (of a life time) tangled in unavoidable circumstances of life, to make his life even harder.

About the author(s)

Afsal Backer is a 22 year old student pursuing his Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. He was born in 1992 in Fujairah, UAE and is presently living in India. He see writing as a way to escape in to the worlds he create and is someone who miss his school life more than anything else. His first novel "The beginning of the end" is a wonderful illustration of the fantastic school moments he shared with his best friends of school.

Email: gm4afsal@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mp.afsal

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