101 Ways To Stop The Money Leak (eBook)

101 Ways To Stop The Money Leak (eBook)

101 Tips to Save Money

by Allan Wilson (write a review)
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Description of "101 Ways To Stop The Money Leak (eBook)"

People are always trying to save money, especially with today’s
economy. No matter what your reason for saving, through this e-
book, you will discover ways never considered.

The price of everything has gone up, requiring people to be more
conscientious about money. The problem is that by the time the
mortgage, car, utilities, and credit cards are paid, there is little money
to put aside. Saving money is not that hard, just a matter of learning
all the different options and being creative.

In addition to the obvious of putting money into a retirement fund or
savings account, there are hundreds of ways to save money. Although
some ways of saving may not seem like much, once you add them up
at the end of the year, you will see how substantial the savings really

Keep in mind that saving is more than a single lump sum of money put
aside. Saving is something found in your everyday life by the way you
live and the choices you make.

Rome was not built in a day and neither will your bank account be.
Each penny saved is one more penny than before. If you have the
ability to save big, that is great. However, most people are not in that
position, which is why this e-book will show you how little savings can
add up quickly.

Be encouraged that it is never too late to start saving, regardless of
your age. Set your mind that now is the time to start building your

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