Back to the Roots (eBook)

Back to the Roots (eBook)

The Journey begins...

by Anand Sood (1 review, add another)
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Genre: Literature & Fiction, Teens
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Description of "Back to the Roots (eBook)"

Back to the Roots – The Journey Begins is a story about the transformation of a young boy to a man.
The lead character Arvind travels horizons to achieve his identity, to earn society’s respect and make his family proud. The journey teaches him lessons at every corner and this continual learning makes him weak. He finally understands that the sacrifice he is making is not in vain and would be fruitful once the destination is reached.

Back to the Root – The Journey Begins is the first of the three novels that traverses every young individual’s journey from being a nobody to being someone special.

Travel your journey through Arvind’s eyes.

About the author(s)

A software professional in Pune, "Anand Sood" hails from Kolkata. He had been a content writer for years working for www.vworkers.com an online freelancing site, where he had contributed a number of articles which circulated acorss the internet as e-mags and e-articles. He shifted his genre to start writing his own novel series "Back to the Roots" in the year 2010.

For more information/suggestions please reach Anand @ following
anand.sood@ymail.com & www.facebook.com/anand.sood1

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Anand Sood (Self-Published)
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Reviews of "Back to the Roots (eBook)"
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A must read for teens by praveeny
11 February 2013 - 12:30am

This is my friend's book but I am must say he did put in a genuine effort to bring out the best in his first book.
It is full of humor, emotions and tragedy marinated by the sacrifices made by the lead character Arvind.
The book has a good start and keeps getting better towards the end.
Overall its a good and interesting read.

Good job done buddy and I would be waiting for the next one in the series.

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