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Description of "HAIWANIYTA KA ANT (eBook)"

In our society so many cruel and bad people are living around. He has a single duty to crush the poor,weak and innocent people around the clock. In the rural area of India, several farmers are poor. They are working hard in his land,but earning less. He is not able to feed his family properly. For solving this problem he is taking debt from the rich man ( Jamindar). Jamindar crushing him badly for recovering his debt money. This is common big problematic issue of our society.
This drama is reflecting the same issue of the village life.This is the story of Bhikhu Family, A person Bhikhu is poor farmer having one son Saurabh and a daughter Radhika. Radhika is single ,his husband all ready died. He take 5000/ rupees debt from Jamindar (Dharma) for the study of his son. Dharma is bad man, he is wrongly recovering 10000/ rupees from Bhikhu and for the interest recovery, he captured his land,home and fired his crops. He murdered his young daughter Radhika and Bhikhu. Saurabh got jail for his crime.
In this way he spoiled the life of Saurabh and Bhikhu. Later on Saurabh become robber and murdered Dharma.
In this way Saurabh is ending the sin from society and doing "HAIWANIYAT KA ANT".

About the author(s)

Author Name is "ANIL KUMAR SAHANI " an Engineering Graduate having well versed in Hindi creative writing.He is writing Novel,Short Story,Drama/Play,Hindi Song,Hindi Poetry and Hindi Story. He is writer of social issue for the public domain.
See webpage:- www.palykitab.webs.com

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