`Opowieści z Krainy Os (eBook)

`Opowieści z Krainy Os (eBook)

by Anna Banasiak (write a review)
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Genre: Literature & Fiction
Language: English
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Description of "`Opowieści z Krainy Os (eBook)"

…dawno nie czytałem „Opowieści”, które są bliskie mojemu wyobrażeniu świata.
„Opowieści z Krainy Os”-to lektura dla wszystkich, którym wydaje się, że są jedynie cząstką świata a nie całym światem i odwrotnie są całym światem a tak naprawdę tylko „daj Boże” pszczółką…
„Park przemienienia”, „Kraina Os”, „Królestwo wyobraźni” to „GRA o życie” jak słusznie zauważa autorka.

Your book is wonderful! It's a therapeutic and educational story about growing up and taming our fears. Hanna Prosnak

Your fairy tale is excellent,it draws the reader in. Małgorzata Skwarek-Gałęska

This is very valuable text. Małgorzata Skwarek-Gałęska

This is true art.Such deep writing rarely happens.It should be published. Hanna Prosnak

You're a true poet. Hanna Prosnak

The book was awarded in fairy tale competitions “Mamy piszą” (“Mothers write”) and “Golinianie dzieciom” (“Golinanie for children”) and published in fairy tale anthology.

About the author(s)

I'm a poet and occupational therapist. I studied Polish philology, culture studies and occupational therapy. I study gerontology. My poems have been published in New York,London,Surrey,Australia,Canada,India,Africa,Japan,China,Israel.I'm the winner of poetry competitions in London,Berlin,Bratislava. I'm the winner of poetry competitions on Poems and Quotes. I'm the winner of gold,silver,bronze medal on All Poetry. I’m the winner in All about Love Challenge. I published a book for children, book of poems "Duet of Waves" in English and Japanese co-authored with Yoshimasa Kanou and "Duet of Tears" co-authored with Noriko Nagaoka. My book “lull me lull” has been published in English, Polish, Hebrew and Japanese. My book “The Art of Calligraphy” has been published in English, Hebrew and German. I belong to Japan Universal Poets Association, Kamena Literary Foundation and Let’s Try Poetry Together. I'm interested in art, art therapy, poetrytherapy and psychology.

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