Awake after Quake (eBook)

Awake after Quake (eBook)

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by Anuj Jalota, (a volunteer) (2 reviews, add another)
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Description of "Awake after Quake (eBook)"

It is a book about realisation of social responsibility. It describes my seven days in Kathmandu in earthquake relief work. It shares my experiences with people and with nature and also a basic human trait called ADAPTATION.

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Reviews of "Awake after Quake (eBook)"
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Re: Awake after Quake (e-book) by miscpranav
20 July 2015 - 5:47pm

A true insight of what happens to the society after a disaster has taken place and it's of lime light. alot of people care show empathy for the victims when they are in limelight but only a true inspirational leader can come up to emphasize with those who have no hope left with them. keep on the good work. hope someday i can be a person like the author too.

Re: Awake after Quake (e-book) by chiragtrivedi234
17 June 2015 - 1:21pm

Sir I am the current student at P.A(andheri Batch).
I have read the book Awake After Quake. It is very inspirational as i have also started to help those peoples who are old needy humans , does not have their house & etc,
i have recently started distributing them Umbrella in this season.
i know it is very small step,but a lot of small step turns into big initiative.

Thanks & Regards

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