Manifesting Impressive Public Speaking  and Presentation Skills (eBook)

Manifesting Impressive Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (eBook)

Law of Attraction synergized techniques

by Ashish Mehta (write a review)
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Description of "Manifesting Impressive Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (eBook)"

The world today is all about Presentations - How you present yourself to people you come across. In the Corporate World how one presents his/ her idea, has become the single most differentiating factor between big, moderate or low success. Making proficient presentations at office, inter-department, presentation to clients, and presentation to a larger audience (public speaking) is Most Important. Manifesting Thoughts techniques are based on the understanding of Subconscious mind's understanding of the Law of Attraction. Effectively using the Law of Attraction to make proficient presentations is what you would learn from the second book of the AshMehta stable.

About the author(s)

Ashish Mehta, Chief Mentor of AshMehta & Associates, has 22 years experience as an Advertising & Service Industry professional, consultant, entrepreneur, corporate trainer, professional coach and author. He is also a spiritual helper, having practiced Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga and various meditations.
Ashish brings forth the teachings of Law of Attraction, Thought Management & Visualization by synergizing & empowering most important day to day techniques to win in the corporate world, the social world and the inner worlds - known as the 'Manifesting Thoughts' techniques.
'Manifesting Impressive Public Speaking & Presentation Skills' is the second gift of love from the stable of 'Manifesting Thoughts' techniques. The unique trainings of synergizing Corporate and Life Skills with the Law of Attraction are unheard of before. The resultant success of students who have undertaken the trainings have been phenomenal. This book which you hold in your hands right now is a pioneer in a manner of speaking. The author's first book 'Manifesting Thoughts Effortlessly', which explained the How's and Why's of the Law of Attraction has been widely accepted and acclaimed across the globe.

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