Pakistan or the Partition of India (eBook)

Pakistan or the Partition of India (eBook)

by B.R.Ambedkar (write a review)
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The book appears to have supplied a real want. I have seen how the thoughts, ideas, and arguments contained in it have been pillaged by authors, politicians and editors of newspapers to support their sides. I am sorry they did not observe the decency of acknowledging the source even when they lifted not merely the argument but also the language of the book. But that is a matter I do not mind. I am glad that the book has been of service to Indians who are faced with this knotty problem of Pakistan. The fact that Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Jinnah in their recent talks cited the book as an authority on the subject which might be consulted with advantage bespeaks the worth of the book.

About the author(s)

Dr. Ambedkar was the first Minister of Law after the Independence of India in 1947 and was the Chairman of the drafting committee for the Constitution of India. He fought valiantly for Freedom, Equality and abolition of Untouchability. He was a scholar in Hindu Scriptures as this work indicates. He embraced Buddhism in 1956. He was honored in 1990 with the highest national honor of "Bharata Ratna" (The Jewel of India) by the Indian Government.

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