Gandhi Invoked (eBook)

Gandhi Invoked (eBook)

Collection of essays on Gandhian thoughts

by Balamurali Balaji (write a review)
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Description of "Gandhi Invoked (eBook)"

“Gandhi Invoked” is a collection of discerning and thoughtful expedition on the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi. The book is intended to promote Gandhian values and to highlight its relevance in all aspects of life.

Shri. Balamurali Balaji has shifted the focus in this book on the relevance of Gandhism and its implications in today’s world full of unique conflicts and issues that were not present in the era of Mahatma Gandhi. It discovers the prominent notions on many topics. To name a few: “Non-Cooperation” discovers the science of non-cooperative methods and its disparity with Satyagraha. “Students and Non-violence” features the need for spirituality and mental exercise to raise a nonviolent youth and warns of political backdrop behind student’s violence. “Corporate Leadership” narrates a Gandhian experience in the business world and aims to relate Business Leadership with Gandhian ideology. “Democracy-Theory and Practice” illustrates the Gandhian perspective of the democratic system and its implementation in modern India. The topic “Nonviolent Economy” briefly describes the scenario that influence the world’s economy today and defines the nonviolent aspect of economy. The topic “Aparigraha – The final submission of a soul” deals with the need for non-possession and non-attachment during the course of attaining salvation.

About the author(s)

Shri. Balamurali Balaji, a Techno-Gandhian, is the founder of CIT-GPNP, the Center for Information Technology and Gandhian Philosophy of Non-violence and Peace a.k.a. BB Systems. He started this organization with a motive of bringing technology and philosophy together to end the never ending debate of their co-existence. The center is devoted to preach and practise the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and spread the message of non-violence and peace amid much vibrant and frazzled world of IT. He is a member of many Gandhian institutions such as GandhiTopia.Org, Germany, Gandhi Memorial Center, U.S.A and Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal. He is also a member of Indian National Congress . He lives in the town of Mettur, Tamilnadu in India with his wife and a daughter. You can reach him @ citgpnp@gmail.com

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