Beyond Self Confidence (eBook)

Beyond Self Confidence (eBook)

Everything You Need to Know to Be Happy and Live the Life You Desire

by Barbara Frank (write a review)
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Description of "Beyond Self Confidence (eBook)"

Confidence, some people just seem to exude confidence with every essence of their being and others seem to have a serious lack of it. Most of us have confidence, but it is not at the level where we want it to be, and it holds us back from enjoying life, and from getting what we want out of life.

By picking up this book, you already know that you are ready to take the steps necessary to take life by the horns, to be the person you want to be, and live the life that you desire, and all of the happiness that it brings.

This book shows you how to get rid of all of the things that are holding you back from being happy and successful. You will no longer be prisoner to your doubts, fears, and worries; you will be well on your way to the life you desire and deserve.

About the author(s)

Barbara Frank lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and their two sons. She is a counselor that works with disadvantaged children for several youth groups in the area; they help-out minorities, those that live in crime ridden areas, the poor, and those that are rebuilding their lives at such a young age, such as recovering from abuse or addiction. The author gives lectures at the local high schools, helping children realize their potential.

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