Enlighten Yourself (eBook)

Enlighten Yourself (eBook)

love your life...live your life

by Birister Sharma (write a review)
Type: e-book
Genre: Poetry, Self-Improvement
Language: English
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Description of "Enlighten Yourself (eBook)"

There are many things happen in life. Sometimes ups and sometimes downs. Sometimes it brings you smile. Sometimes it brings you tears. But life goes on. You’ve to move on while accepting everything. Because whatever going to happen is always happen. Nobody can’t stop it. But one thing you can do. That is you can Enlighten Your Life with Love & Passion!

Generate your hidden energy…..

Generate your inner power…….

Highlights of the book:

‘If you want to enlighten yourself, then this book is right for you…..

‘If you want to inspire and motivate yourself, then this book is right choice for you…….’

* This book is simple and very useful for all.

* This book helps you to guide yourself.

* This book inspires and motivates you.

* This book enlightens your inner-self.

* This book will act as your mentor.

* This book is full of morals, wisdoms, thoughts and philosophies.


Extract from the book:

Love is like a flower

That only blooms in our pure heart.

Its every color is the perspective of seven colors

That brings a smile of love on the face of every living being.

Its every drops of fragrance is the magical potion

That quenches the thirst of all living being.

Love is a flower that only blooms in the heart of pure soul.

Whenever it blooms in our heart,

It makes us divine,

And leads us to the path of heaven.

With the garland of love,

We can worship.

With the bond of love,

We can please our heavenly Lordship.

It makes our heart pious.

It makes our life precious.

Our life becomes beautiful.

World becomes wonderful.

Everything becomes awesome.

Everything starts blossom.

About the author(s)

Birister Sharma is a graduate in Journalism & Mass Communication. He is working as a freelance journalist. He is a writer/author/poet/blogger. His areas of interest are reading, writing, singing, watching movies, playing cricket & traveling a lot.

You may contact him @ birister2007@gmail.com or birister2007@yahoo.com/

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Birister Sharma
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