The Night Queen (eBook)

The Night Queen (eBook)

she starts hunting when her preys are in deep slumber....

by Birister Sharma (write a review)
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Description of "The Night Queen (eBook)"

There is no light….

There is no hope……

There is only darkness and darkness…..

It is a door of ditch, once anyone got trap in its jaws, fall in its deep darkness forever.

There is no rescue…..

There is no turning back…..

Rani is a simple and naive girl, living in her own beautiful and imaginary world. She is unknown to the external world. She is like a butterfly, hovering hither and thither. She is like a bird, flattering her wings to sour in the open sky.

However, one day, her beautiful world came to the abrupt halt; her own uncle, Raghu cajoled her to accompany with him to see her ailing elder sister. But Raghu betrayed her, and trapped her like a prey and hurled her in the midst of hungry human beast to quench the appetites of their lust.

Helpless and hapless Rani, tried to free herself from the shackles of that dark world, but in vain, she is all alone, nobody is there to rescue her, the more she tried to unknot herself, the more she is trapping herself into the deep ditch of darkness.

Poor Rani is mentally and physically tortured, humiliated, and treated as a beast of burden. Her mind, body and soul is killed. She is dragged into the dark world of prostitution. She is forced to transform into a sex symbol. She is renamed as ‘Dolly’ and tagged her ‘the Night Queen.’

Can Rani free herself from that dark world and wear out her tagged ‘the Night Queen’?

What happen to her elder sister?

Can she ever find her?

Can she take her avenge against Raghu?

‘The Night Queen,’ is a realistic story of dark world of prostitution, unseen crimes, humiliations, sins, evils, revenge.

Disclaimer: Please note that this book contained with adult materials. Not appropriate for teenagers.

About the author(s)

Birister Sharma is a graduate in Journalism & Mass Communication. He is working as a freelance journalist. He is a writer/author/poet/blogger. His areas of interest are reading, writing, singing, watching movies, playing cricket & traveling a lot.

You may contact him @ birister2007@gmail.com or birister2007@yahoo.com/

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Birister Sharma
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