Natural Pain Management (eBook)

Natural Pain Management (eBook)

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by Desmond Gahan (write a review)
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Description of "Natural Pain Management (eBook)"

Pain is a fact of life that many thousands of people all over the world live with every day of their lives. For many who are in chronic (long-term) pain, this means that it is something they have to live with every waking moment of every day, which is likely to make life very miserable indeed.
The fact is that all of us, probably every single individual on the face of planet earth is either already familiar with pain or will have episodes of pain at some point in our lives yet to materialize. Does this therefore mean that we have to accept pain as an inevitable fact of life?
Table of Contents
Introduction 4
What is pain? 7
It starts at the very beginning… 10
A quick overview of analgesic pain solutions 12
Over the counter painkillers 12
Prescription drugs 15
To sum up… 19
What kind of pain do you have? 21
Massage for pain relief 23
Swedish massage 24
Deep muscle massage 28
Thai massage 29
Acupuncture – the great pain reliever… 31
Hypnosis for dealing with pain 38
Does hypnosis to deal with pain effectively? 38
Finding a suitable hypnotist or hypnotherapist 41
Can self hypnosis really work? 43
Herbs for pain relief 47
Willow bark 47
Peppers 48
Boswellia 49
Cherry fruits 50
Ginger 50
Curcumin 51
Conclusion 53

About the author(s)

Desmond Gahan, B.A. is a writer, editor and a publisher. He is mainly interested in the areas of health, psychology, self-help and spirituality. Des is resident in Ireland.

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Desmond Gahan
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