Mental Health Education in Ancient Indian Literature (eBook)

Mental Health Education in Ancient Indian Literature (eBook)

An Eastern Approach to Mental Health Education

by Dr. Piyush Pravinchandra Trivedi (write a review)
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Description of "Mental Health Education in Ancient Indian Literature (eBook)"

This is a refined version of PhD. thesis in psychology. Eastern Approach of mental health education is found in Ancient Medical Texts, Ancient Yogic Texts and other Ancient sacred texts of India, Srilanka etc. It contains 27 components of Prevention, One common module of self help. It also contains the tips helpful in increasing various mental capabilities like memory, intellect etc. It is useful for students, community leaders, psychologists and people interested in knowing about the Ancient Indian Psychiatry. It contains facts regarding evidence based practices to cure mental disorders. The basic aim of Yoga is to control the versatile nature of the mind. Thus It is useful not only for abnormal one but also for normal human mind to know about how to become extra normal or super normal. It is useful in counselling as well as in psychiatric intervention. Ancient Medical Literature provides the knowledge of intellect promoting medicinal plants. The work is based on various community interventions specially focused on students and police personals. The graphical representation in chapter six shows that our mental health is affected by a number of factors like our food, Rasayana, our attitude towards the life, our spiritual beliefs and practices, pollution, body doshas (Vaat, Pitt, Kapha), our control over the sense organs etc. It is highly recommended for students anxious for their academic performance.

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