Physics Simply Put - Volume 1 (eBook)

Physics Simply Put - Volume 1 (eBook)

Mechanics with Calculus

by Dr. Ronald C. Persin (write a review)
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Description of "Physics Simply Put - Volume 1 (eBook)"

This book is a compilation of Dr. Persin’s website notes that were originally published on his website, Lnk2Lrn. According to his many physics students over the years, these notes were especially helpful in understanding important concepts in calculus-based physics.
Topics include separate chapters on physics and measurement, vectors and scalars, motion in one and two dimensions, forces and Newton’s Laws, work and energy, momentum, rotational mechanics, static equilibrium and elasticity, universal gravitation, and oscillatory motion.
Sample problems solved in step-by-step manner appear at the end of each chapter.
It is the intent of the author that this book will help students to be prepared for class on a daily basis with all the knowledge of the day before.

About the author(s)

Dr. Ronald C. Persin is an award-winning Physics teacher and professor. His students have achieved much in the fields of engineering and physics. They have continued their work at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Many are now working in the fields of engineering and research They credit much of their success to the motivation provided by Dr. Persin

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