Diet Planning for Weight Loss and Diabetes (eBook)

Diet Planning for Weight Loss and Diabetes (eBook)

Nutrients - based Vegetarian Menu Planning

by Dr. Shantha Kumar (write a review)
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Description of "Diet Planning for Weight Loss and Diabetes (eBook)"

“Diet Planning for Weight Loss and Diabetes” is a nutrients-based menu planning guidebook that explains and provides strategies to design diets that meet nutritional specifications according to individual requirements. For instance, a weight-loss diet can be planned using reduced calories, or a diabetic diet can be devised with exact carbohydrate amounts distributed through the day. An individual on an exercise regimen can monitor the diet proteins to increase muscle mass, or plan a nutritionally well – balanced diet to provide essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals using Food Exchange Groups.
There are 150+ vegetarian recipes in this book which are planned with healthy and nutritious ingredients, and their nutrient values have been calculated to provide vital information like the amount and percent of major nutrients, the number of various Food Exchange Group servings they provide and the number of Carbohydrate Counts they provide. This information can be used to plan a daily diet to match specific nutrient recommendations and preferences. Several Menu planning Templates and options are outlined in the book to select from based on personal choices.
Dietary management using a scientific and precise approach will greatly help to control and maintain a normal and healthy lifestyle and promote well-being.

About the author(s)

The author for “Diet Planning for Weight Loss and Diabetes” is Dr. Shantha Kumar, who has written several books on diet and nutrition that provide recipes and information to maintain a healthy nutritional status in individuals. Dr. Kumar has worked as a dietitian and also has a deep understanding of cellular, physiological and biochemical processes in human nutrition. Being diagnosed with diabetes led her to devise optimal diets and dietary practices that help in weight loss and prevent complications from diabetes, which can even be reversed with carefully monitored diets. She believes that flavorful, balanced menus can be planned, as illustrated in the vegetarian diet plans described in this book. Knowing your calories and making the right food choices will be a safe and sure way to ensure that the body’s homeostasis is maintained and abnormal or pathologic profiles are minimized or removed.
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