Design, Fabrication and Implimentation

by Dr. Swarup Sarkar (write a review)
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This book provides the information regarding the design and implementation of MEMS device for nanoporation. This book provides the unique idea for medical and engineering students. It also help the researchers for design and mathematical implementation of micro bio chip which is used for nanoporation. This book has been divided into five chapters. The description of the chapter as stated hare under. The first chapter gives a general introduction to electrical properties of osteoblast cell, microfloudics device . The second chapter deals with understanding of intra-organelle potential and window effects of Osteoblast cells. The main purpose here are to study the analytical and numerical approach of intra organelle membrane potential of multi-layer osteoblast like cell under a non-uniform micro-fluidic system under electrical stimuli and consequently to analyze effects of relevant optimization parameters. The optimum condition of threshold voltage and shifting of membrane potential from outer membrane to inner membrane has been reported that provides the idea about the nano pores formation within the intra organelle of the osteoblast cell.The third chapter has been focused on the numerical model of 3D nanoporative devices for intraorganelle nanoporation of osteoblast cell under Pico electric field. The characteristics of intraorganelle nanoporation of osteoblast cell under proposed nanopoarative device have been studied. The purpose of this chapter is to to analyze the behavior of nanopores developed into the intraorganelle of the osteoblast cells when subjected to application of pico electric fields. The fourth chapter highlights the different effective parameters of nanoporation such as intra organelle nanopore current, electrostatic pressure and membrane surface tension of a bi-layer osteoblast under electrical stimuli. The purpose of this chapter is to find out the numerical characterization of pore current, membrane pressure and membrane surface tension that can help us to solve the nano pore formation within the intraorganelle of osteoblast cell. The control of radius and density of nanopores of proposed devices has been studied. The fifth chapter sumerised the complete research work in the form of a conclusion.
As a whole This book deals with fundamental research about the behavior and modeling of intraorganelle nanoporation of osteoblast-like cells within 3D micro fluidic system under electrical stimulation.The results have the great impact on bio-medical application especially in drug delivery system for pharmacological treatment of different bone deasease including osteoporosis.

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Dr. Swarup Sarkar has received his Ph.D in Electronics and communication Engineering(VLSI & Embedded System) from NIT ,Durgapur in the year of 2015. He did M. Tech in ECE (VLSI & Embedded System )from Govt of West Bengal in the year of 2010 and He received his B.Tech degree from REC in 2004. Presently, he has been working as an Associate Professor in Dept of ECE, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Sikkim Manipal University. His specialization is on VLSI & Bio Chip Fabrication . He has more than 14 years of teaching and administrative experiences in technical universities and author of 38 international journal , three DST-SERB sponsored project and invited chair speaker for a number of international conferences. He has 4 SCI and 06 SCOPUS indexed International Journals. He is also author of three reputed books. He is one of the Area Editor of well-reputed journal . He served as reviewer in many reputed International Journals and Conferences. Dr. Sarkar has a vast experiences in various administrative exposures at University Level (Member of Board of Studies, Chairman of moderation committee of semester question papers, Representative of NBA and AICTE,) and Institute Level(Expert member of I.P.C& Faculty selection committee, Representative of AICTE, Representative of NBA & of ISO).

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