Corporate Bullying (eBook)

Corporate Bullying (eBook)

Forewarned is Forearmed

by Dr. Ulhas Ganu (write a review)
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Description of "Corporate Bullying (eBook)"

Corporate Bullying is a fact of life. This could be for fun or to pull someone down by consistent derision. This book does not claim to offer a solution but tries to apprise the reader of the problem and is meant essentially for understanding.

The victims largely remain clueless and continue to suffer. HR many times is a puppet of management.

Coming together, forming peer group is a way to protect yourself.

The book describes types of bullying and acknowledges that solutions are not simple yet not impossible to achieve. Different problems have different solutions.

Find out friends, make group and try to address the problem. Otherwise the stress can cause mental breakdown leading to problems in professional and personal life. Lot of data collected from internet hence dedicating to all the inputs and their generators

About the author(s)

Dr. Ulhas Ganu has been a research scientist in Oncology for 27 years and a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry for past 22 years, holding positions such as Medical Advisor, Sales & Marketing Head and Director Technical Affairs

He also enjoys social work and is active in social work since 1986.

The current book is a product of lot of internet referencing combined with personal experiences.

The book is intended to apprise people about the subject so they understand and tackle the problem in consultation with friends and wellwishers

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