The Celtic Circle (eBook)

The Celtic Circle (eBook)

by Evelyn Arslan (write a review)
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Genre: Literature & Fiction
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Description of "The Celtic Circle (eBook)"

On a windswept coast, not far from Lindisfarne, a small Celtic community have found security. Did the gods lead them there?

A dying grandmother struggles to recite their tale, which is then seen through the eyes of younger characters.

In an interesting, and often moving way, the reader is shown their world as traditional allegiances are torn apart by the onset of Christianity throughout the region.

A dramatic tale set against a dramatic setting: a beautiful but dangerous coast-line where the first Viking raid takes place.

In modern times, it seems that an ancient prophecy is being fulfilled.

About the author(s)

Born in Northumberland, eldest of four children. Began ‘teaching’ in backyard at a very early age! Married with three grown-up children – a boy and two girls. Two grand-daughters.

Ex-primary schoolteacher; have also taught English to foreign students. Began writing at age of eight (or so mother reckons!), contributed to college magazine and ‘dabbled’ with plays and poetry.

Mostly writing factual accounts. Learned how ‘do research’ during fight to save local playing field from developers. As a result was given regular monthly column on local current affairs on-line magazine. Worked as a free-lance proofreader whilst continuing with my own writing.

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