To Someone 16 (eBook)

To Someone 16 (eBook)

by Garima Varma (2 reviews, add another)
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Description of "To Someone 16 (eBook)"

This book is about my conversations with my teenage daughter about things I wish she understood now but will probably only do so at 16. These are simple life truths, based on my journey as mother, which I wish someone had told me when I was 16.

It is also about all the mothers (and fathers) out there who share my struggle of talking to a teenager. In some ways, it is about all daughters and sons, teenage and beyond, who need to know why parents do what they do. These are not parenting skills or techniques, there are others perhaps better qualified to do that.

Also, in some way, this book is an acknowledgement of my parents because as the circle of life comes to this point, I am humbled by the realization that it is tough being a parent, tougher being a loving parent and toughest being a good parent. Children test our limits and challenge us every day but when love guides us through it, it is doable. And beautiful ! Period.

About the author(s)

Garima Varma is a Marketing and Communications professional with nearly three decades of experience in the corporate world. Her more serious and most cherished role is of being a parent to a teenage daughter, which has inspired her to pen down her thoughts.

Garima enjoys travelling, storytelling, is a certified scuba diver and a Reiki Master healer among other things. She is passionate about communication and believes that communication skills are a key enabler in our personal and professional lives.

PS: Her daughter thinks Garima is the coolest mom in the world! 

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Reviews of "To Someone 16 (eBook)"
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Re: To Someone 16 (e-book) by maryw
31 August 2014 - 8:09am

"A must read for any parent regardless of the age of your child!!

If your child has yet to reach those dreaded teen years, this book will help you find the courage (and offer you some very helpful insights) because you know that someone else has braved them and survived to tell the tale! If you have a tween or teen at home, reading through this will help you brace yourself knowing you are not alone. And if you are one amongst those brave souls that have made it (!) then you just might have a tear or two of nostalgia pricking your eyes!"

This is a wonderful book, written in a simple and enjoyable style.

What impressed me most is that every idea & notion that Garima presents is simple and actionable. If you look inside yourself and ask the honest question, the answer will come back as "yes sure, I can & should do this".

Plus, I also think the book transcends the notion that you need to be parent of a teenage (girl) child :)...this book is for readers of all ages and backgrounds...as long as you are seeking & committed to simple ways to make your life, and of those around you, happier.

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