The Hunt for Barney (eBook)

The Hunt for Barney (eBook)

by Gil Hardwick (write a review)
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Description of "The Hunt for Barney (eBook)"

A short fun-fantasy of a boy being hunted down by the Egyptian God Anubis and his baying hounds while out skateboarding.

After making a foolish wager with Osiris that he could beat them in a set time or be mummified for all eternity, he has his work cut out.

He is wearing his warp suit so he can jump through shimmers in time and space to escape but that may not be enough, until aided by winged Horus he escapes through a violent cyclone and wins his bet.

About the author(s)

As an anthropologist, novelist and writer Gil Hardwick is a gifted and imaginative author. Over many years working as a field ethnographer in the vast Australian inland he has met real characters and had real-life adventures, bringing his personalities and his plots to vibrant life. Writing from life, he neither shies away from real social issues and at times confronting dilemmas.
Well worth reading.

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