The Goal Of Life (eBook)

The Goal Of Life (eBook)

by Gokul Chandra Mishra (write a review)
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In, ‘The Synthesis of Yoga’ Sri Aurobindo has written that in the
Bhagavad Gita, the path of Karmayoga has only been worked out fully. Its
perfect fulfilment, the highest secret is hinted rather than developed. It is
kept back as an unexpressed part of a supreme mystery. The reason for this
reticence is that the fulfilment is a matter of experience and no teaching can
express it. It cannot be described in a way that can readily be understood by
a mind that has not the effulgent transmuting experience.
The Gita contains all the key principles of knowledge, devotion and
works constituting the most simple, comprehensive and practicable system
of yoga leading to the ultimate goal of human life. It is true that the Gita is
a little reticent in stating the stature of that goal for the reasons cited by Sri
Aurobindo. But when a person follows the way of life suggested in the Gita,
he soon finds the shape of that goal by his inner vision.

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