Kaarakaamsha And Karma Vision  (eBook)

Kaarakaamsha And Karma Vision (eBook)

Kaarakaamsha And Karma Vision - BPHS & Jaimini School

by Hemant Bhatt (write a review)
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Genre: Astrology, Religion & Spirituality
Language: English, Sanskrit
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Description of "Kaarakaamsha And Karma Vision (eBook)"

The book is based on karkamsha only as said in BPHS and is only baby step. This book is for karma results given in our classics and to assess past karma connection thru this karkamsha element. The book is about karkamsha topic as given in BPHS & Jaimini texts with added value of karma vision based on chapter given in BPHS Khemraj Mumbai edition with scribe’s views. Karkamsha topic is dealt in depth wrt both the texts. Karma results for current life is given in all our classics and how to assess its past life connection is secreted in this book.

About the author(s)

The author is engaged in Vedic astrology research works and is more inclined to understand what is said in Hora scriptures by our sages. He is in Vedic Jyotisha field since many years. The author dealt here with Karkamsha and karma factor.

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Hemant Bhatt
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