CultureCult Magazine (eBook)

CultureCult Magazine (eBook)

Winter Issue 2015-16

by Jagannath Chakravarti (Ed.) (1 review, add another)
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Language: English
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Description of "CultureCult Magazine (eBook)"

Our rich features boast an introspective insight into the world of David Bowie, a literary enthusiast evaluating classics in a postmodern age and a special piece on why Donald Trump sounds uncannily like one of the participants from 'The Real Housewives of New York'.

The winter issue also boasts 4 original short stories varying from the elegantly absurd to the historical and even horror. Featuring 15 poems of eight poets from all over the world, the issue also features the third installment of the acclaimed novel 'Cross eyed sleep' featuring the professional assassin David.

Three poems of noted Bengali litterateur Adwaita Mallabarman on the Battle of Plassey have been translated especially for this issue.

About the author(s)

CultureCult Magazine is a vibrant, fully illustrated magazine of the Arts, Literature and Culture, published from Kolkata, India. It has been a gracious host to a variety of opinions and works of authors from all around the globe from its very first issue.

Besides contemporary critiques and articles, CultureCult Magazine features poetry and prose fiction/novels in serialized form, apart from insightful analyses of varied forms of Art, including cinema, theater and the allied arts.

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Re: CultureCult Magazine (e-book) by PriyaOnTheRocks
2 February 2016 - 8:45am

This mag may be new but let me tell u, new has never looked better than this! Beautifully illustrated with modern art mixed with famous paintings, stories and articles that not only sounds good, but actually has something to say. These guys did distribute the first two issues for free but they are right to charge for this one. I am halfway thru it already and loving it. just read the story called Narcissus and it has to be one of the most beautifully sad tales that I've read.

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