The Ordeal of Real Estate Deal Financials (eBook)

The Ordeal of Real Estate Deal Financials (eBook)

by Jay Kay (write a review)
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Description of "The Ordeal of Real Estate Deal Financials (eBook)"

‘The Ordeal of Real Estate Deal Financials’ book is a real life story based on my arduous experiences and learning’s that gave way to expanding my horizon in venturing in to an unknown land of real estate transactions.

It is my earnest hope, that readers will be benefited by thought provoking snippets of the Ordeal for a retail investor amidst difficult market conditions.

About the author(s)

Jay Kay was born in India. He is a renowned writer for various journals in the regional circuit and he works in the Silicon Valley of India.

He has been writing for magazines for more than ten years in the local language, and later by translating thoughts for everyone to enjoy poetry across culture, and he is a vivid writer in the journal of literary association with few publications in the International library of Poetry

The author can be reached at: writerjaykay@gmail.com for comments and suggestions

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