Financial Literacy: The Basic Requirement for Financial Freedom (eBook)

Financial Literacy: The Basic Requirement for Financial Freedom (eBook)

Financial Literacy

by JB Malatji (1 review, add another)
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Description of "Financial Literacy: The Basic Requirement for Financial Freedom (eBook)"

The financially uninformed are vulnerable and prone to manipulation and abuse by those they have trusted with their financial affairs, whose intentions are to keep them in the dark. It is as a result of this ignorance that most aspiring investors, entrepreneurs and emerging business owners are unable to make their hard earned income work for them when they have the opportunity to do so. If they only had basic financial understanding they could not only set themselves financially free BUT help others to get out of the painful financial trap that is responsible for the widening pit of lack and hopelessness. The reality is that all individuals earning a constant income, salaried or otherwise, can set themselves financially free if only they know how.

In today’s fast-paced economic changes, it is becoming extremely difficult for those who are financially illiterate to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of finances. Fear not: this ingenious financial skills guide is just the thing to help sharpen your financial skills and improve your financial aptitude to comprehend and survive financial challenges.
“Financial Literacy: The Basic Requirement for Financial Freedom”, provocative as the title may be, is designed to challenge our mental framework and thought processes regarding money issues and to help improve the reader’s basic financial skills necessary to succeed in this challenging world of finances. You do not have to be a financial guru but basic financial literacy is required if one is to break free and become financially healthy. This ebook seeks to help you bridge that gap between the financial wilderness and good financial health. Most of the financial instruments that most of us were introduced to are never intended to help us frog jump and leap to abundant financial health but to survive. They are simply for income generation and not for wealth creation purposes.

The highlighted basic skills in this ebook build off simple, basic concepts that any reading person can understand and master, helping readers to build strong financial foundation, gain confidence in accumulating and managing their finances, and ultimately reach their full financial potential. The lack of knowledge which has entangled most of us, resulting in risks that deprive aspiring and potential investors, entrepreneurs and emerging business owners the opportunity to maximize returns on their investments. This insight about the know-how can only add to the aspiring investor’s benevolence in the economic system and assist them in their quest for financial freedom. We do not all have to be entrepreneurs or business owners but we MUST ALL surely be investors if we are to change our financial fortunes for the better. .

“Financial Literacy: The Basic Requirement for Financial Freedom” is intended to provide those who want to improve their financial status to understand the basics of accounting as the economic language they need to understand in their pursuit of financial health. Expertise on accounting falls outside the scope of this ebook. The aim of this ebook is to capacitate readers in their pursuit of wealth creation by providing them with the basics that enables them to read, understand, analyse, and interpret financial activities and economic trends. “Financial Literacy: The Basic Requirement for Financial Freedom” is intended to provide readers with the foundation upon which they can begin to build knowledge regarding wealth creation. This ability will enable readers to identify the financial strengths and weaknesses in the companies they may wish to invest in.

“Financial Literacy: The Basic Requirement for Financial Freedom” is intended to be an eye opener and an enabler for readers to understand the basic requirements for bridging the divide between financial illiteracy and financial literacy. Financial understanding is the mental process through which we solve our financial problems. Financial literacy is not only about making money but more about the ability to keep it after making it.

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Jacob Basi Malatji (JB) is a married father of two. Basi is passionate about people development and their advancement in life. He is also fascinated by the potent power of the human spirit to overcome challenges, to dream and make their dream come true regardless of the obstacles and difficulties with which they meet in life. JB Malatji is a firm believer in quality education that empowers people to think independently and critically about anything idea they wish to pursue.

JB Malatji is a former banker. He held several managerial positions with different major South African banks and during that time he engaged both individuals and business customers in money matters enabling them to build solid financial foundations.

JB Malatji is an MBA graduate, an entrepreneur, an author of three books, and an entrepreneurial and junior management development consultant. He is currently working on a junior management/supervisory development model which he believes will benefit junior managers/supervisors, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Basi emphasizes to all his customers the importance of personal financial development through the acquisition of financial skills as the key for success in their pursuit of financial freedom. In this way he believes that poverty and lack are not an option.

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