A CHANGE A DAY 24X365 (eBook)

A CHANGE A DAY 24X365 (eBook)

Small practical changes in modern life

by JD BHARDWAJ (write a review)
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Genre: Self-Improvement
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Description of "A CHANGE A DAY 24X365 (eBook)"

The Bhagvad Gita teaches us a unique way of living life.
In today’s fast-paced world, the Gita comes as nectar, almost a panacea to stress syndromes affecting almost all of us albeit in different ways.
This book strives to motivate us all to make small but practical changes in our habits and attitudes in our day-to-day life with recommendations for the next 365 days. The book does not want you to leave all worldly matters and become sadhu overnight. The book simply aims at inculcating –integrating small –tiny practical changes in our day to day life and be eligible of Krishna’s blessings.
For eg. You may determine to live next 24 hours without getting angry, let whatever happens. Or it could be, you may determine not to be sad for next 24 hours, let any event happen. These are small things but may impact your life significantly.
Let’s get going for next 365 days and see what happens.

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