The King's Game (eBook)

The King's Game (eBook)

by Jennifer Scott (write a review)
Type: e-book
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Language: English
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Description of "The King's Game (eBook)"

Every century, selected individuals are chosen to fight for a chance to reign as a new King in their world.

Each selected participants are chosen carefully by their partners and are forced to fight against other contestants for the title of King.

Emma, a young secluded girl, was no different. Once she had accepted to be a part of the game, her life is thrown into danger as she must kill to survive. Her world is no longer peaceful as she once knew it to be. She had lost her only family as well as her friend. Her only goal is to win and she is willing to eliminate anyone who gets in her way.

About the author(s)

Jennifer Scott is currently a graduate student at a liberal arts college where she is pursuing her careers in creative writing. She enjoys writing science fiction as well as tragedy and is currently in the process of writing her novel. She has won a few writing contests for short stories and has had some of her stories published in a community newspaper when she was younger. She enjoys reading classical literature and her favorite author is Ray Bradbury and Edgar Allen Poe.

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