The Way I See The World (eBook)

The Way I See The World (eBook)

Inspiration From Here And There

by Kapil J Rajyaguru (write a review)
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Genre: Entertainment, Self-Improvement
Language: English
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Description of "The Way I See The World (eBook)"

The norm is to fill this page with impressive lines about the author, his qualification, his success and fill the rest with alluring dance of words to manipulate you – the time spending, money giving reader to buy this book.
Most of the books in self-help section directly or indirectly claim to show you the path to lead a better life and help lift your spirit from the quagmire of life.
Bollocks! That’s what I think.
I haven’t met a single person in my life whose life changed upside down because he read some fancy words from so called self-proclaimed life GURU! If the change happened it was because the person was determined to shape his life for better.
That’s how the game works and always will.
As long as the damn telescope works and gravity can be proved, who gives a shit whether Galileo came up with telescope and Newton discovered gravity!
Catch my drift?
You are browsing this book either out of boredom or by mere chance. Anyhow, the book is in your hands and I don’t believe in manipulation.
So read a chapter or two and you would know whether to buy it or not.
Decide or move on. Nice knowing you.

About the author(s)

Marine Engineer by education. Writer by passion and profession. Based in Mumbai working as freelance writer in film and television industry.

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