Computer Based Vedic Knowledge, Sanskrit & Bharath Languages (eBook)

Computer Based Vedic Knowledge, Sanskrit & Bharath Languages (eBook)

One Day Hands On Workshop

by kedarnath jonnalagadda (write a review)
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Genre: Education & Language, Self-Improvement
Language: English, Sanskrit
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Description of "Computer Based Vedic Knowledge, Sanskrit & Bharath Languages (eBook)"

Computer Based Vedic Knowledge, Sanskrit & Bharath Languages is an outline for a One Day Hands On Workshop. It is designed for young Education / Training Entrepreneurs in India. Any Internet Cafe can be booked for a day for this. Participants can be of any age from any social strata and special focus is for children, the elderly and differently abled.

"It is their Right to Education, it is also their right to touch the keyboard, see things on the monitor, learn... and even teach me!" is the motto for trainers.

This training has a unique Indian perspective! (1) The computer is a "knowledge" [j~jAnaM] assisting machine. (2) Amazing insights of fundamentals of knowledge are in ancient Indian literature. (3) There is no dichotomy preventing integrating science and technology as understood today and ancient Indian concepts.

Ancient 'concept gems and tools' can fill in 'gaps' in today's understanding of fundamentals. This approach will provide a new direction for study, research and development

The need of the hour is to develop products for our own use, in our own country. You could keep waiting forever for somebody else or do it yourself now! If you want to stay alive in a flood, you must know to swim. And if you want to learn to swim you must get into the water.

About the author(s)

Kedarnath Jonnalagadda obtained university degrees in Agriculture and Genetics. Fascinated by computers he branched into software development and consulting in the 80s. His forte has been motivating others with the comment, "If I, technically a farmer can do this, you can do better."

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